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こち亀のアニメ3話「大繁盛! 空飛ぶ屋台」は、両津が潰れそうなラーメン屋を助けるために、気球で高層マンションに出前をするという話です。 しかし、両津のやり方はいつもトラブルを引き起こすので、空中で火事になったり、警察ヘリと衝突したり、花火で爆発したりします。 両津の無茶なアイディアとドタバタな展開が見どころです。


この話の魅力は、両津の発想力と行動力です。 彼はラーメン屋を救うために、気球で空飛ぶ屋台を作る。この発想はビジネスセンスを感じた笑


どのように空中で動くかなど、細かい描写があります。 これは、アニメならではの表現力を感じさせます。

この話は笑いだけでなく、感動もあります。 両津はラーメン屋の主人と仲良くなり、彼の苦労や夢を聞きます。 そして、最後にはラーメン屋の主人が両津に感謝の言葉を述べます。 これは、両津がただやんちゃなだけでなく、人情味もありこち亀らしい作品だ。

この話は、こち亀の代表的なテーマである「夢と現実」を描いています。 両津はラーメン屋の主人の夢を叶えるために、空飛ぶ屋台を開発する。

しかし、その夢は現実とぶつかります。 空飛ぶ屋台は法律や常識に反しており、周囲に迷惑をかけます。 そもそも、厨房を空中に作ってコントロールすると言う事に無理がある。







“KochiKame Anime Episode 3 Review: Ryotsu’s Flying Food Stall Delivers Laughter and Emotion!

The third episode of KochiKame’s anime, titled ‘Thriving Business! The Flying Food Stall,’ tells the story of Ryotsu helping a struggling ramen shop by delivering food with a hot air balloon to a high-rise apartment building. However, Ryotsu’s unconventional methods lead to trouble, including a mid-air fire, a collision with a police helicopter, and fireworks explosions. Ryotsu’s crazy ideas and chaotic mishaps make this episode a must-watch.

Review Highlights:

The charm of this episode lies in Ryotsu’s creativity and determination. To save the ramen shop, he creates a flying food stall using a hot air balloon. This idea showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and brings laughter.

Additionally, this episode appears to be an original story not found in the original manga. The anime provides detailed explanations of how Ryotsu’s flying food stall was constructed and how it operates in mid-air, highlighting the expressive power unique to animation.

This story offers not only laughter but also heartfelt moments. Ryotsu forms a bond with the ramen shop owner, learning about his struggles and dreams. In the end, the ramen shop owner expresses gratitude to Ryotsu, making it a quintessential KochiKame story with a touch of humanity.

This episode explores one of KochiKame’s recurring themes, ‘Dreams vs. Reality.’ Ryotsu strives to fulfill the ramen shop owner’s dream by developing the flying food stall, but that dream clashes with reality. The flying food stall violates laws and common sense, causing inconvenience to others. Building a kitchen in mid-air and controlling it was an impractical idea from the start. The episode ends in a typical KochiKame fashion—with an explosion.

Personally, I have fond memories of this episode, and when I was younger, I admired Ryotsu’s sense for making money. Ryotsu’s flying food stall is innovative and surprising, and I appreciate the mix of humor and emotion. Ryotsu is a good-hearted person, but his misadventures when he goes too far also add to his character’s charm. I recommend this episode to both KochiKame fans and newcomers.”